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Originally Posted by Creps View Post
As for the R8 don't forget that it's more of an Lambo then audi that's why they have it.
Maybe if BMW owned an exotic company they would have something in the same range.
Yeah, the R8 is basically a Lambo in Audi clothes. And it has that HORRIBLE fake auto tranny. I'd rather have the 6 speed ZF gearbox or the BMW DCT. That honestly doesn't stop it from being on my list of "dream cars" though. I don't usually care for supercars, my dream car list is made up of various M3's, an RS5, GTR and other "attainable" cars. But the R8 for me is pretty awesome. Still, love BMW more than Audi as a whole.

Originally Posted by sonicbimmer19 View Post
Great inputs guys.
I feel like BMW really needs to come up with a true super car, if they really have the technology to do it. But I guess however you look at it, you come back to "BMW are simply the best daily cars"
Well, the i8 is coming out soon. Not quite as powerful as the R8, but it is within supercar pricing and performance specs. Especially for a hybrid!

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