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Originally Posted by Rekrul View Post
I mean this is largely a subjective thing to be honest. I was just posting my personal impressions. The engine has tons of potential, and it is more suitable for DDing. However I wouldn't get rid of my m3 for it. There are many other cars that I'd rather pick up if I was going to get rid of the M3. Namely used GTRs, 997 turbos, etc. I priced out a c63 with the P31 it was over 70k. If I'm spending 70-90k the aforementioned cars would be a better choice for me.
I didn't mean to refer to you. You drove the car and formed an informed decision on your impression of the car.

As for what to do with 70k, I wouldn't buy an m3 or c63 for 70k.

When the c63 pp is used in 2 or so years, it will be 45-50k an represent a great value.

I don't think a gtr or 997 turbo can be compared in terms of price or daily driveability. I've driven my friends 997tt a lot, and it's fun as hell, but awful as a dd bc it's so damn small. It also doesn't cost anywhere near 70k