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Yet another thread where most of the posts are from fanboys who have never actually driven a c63 amg.

I own an m3, and just test drove (for the second time) a 2009 c63 amg. My m3 has all the bolt ons, and at no time does it feel as fast as the c63 even in stock form. The car flat rips, and is easy and comofrtable to drive fast. It has massive power basically off idle which the m3 does not have.

Pros of C63 over m3

-way more torque
-feels much faster
-fun on the street at low speeds
-sounds way better
-better seats
-comfortable and easy to drive imo

Cons (2009 version)

-interior is not as buttoned down as m3
-nav interface sucks
-suspension isnt quite as tight as m3
-brakes arent quite as good
-auto transmisison in sport mode is excellent, but shifting using paddle shifters sucks (auto version)

The 2012 version seems to have fixed all of the above issues. IMO the interior is amazing, the nav interface is fixed, the brakes are fixed in the development package, the new MCT is a lot better from all reports, and the car lapped the ring 12 seconds faster than the old c63, and also was faster than a DCT m3. Plus the optional power from the development package. With a tune, the power will be abosultely ridiculous and the MCT will shift even more aggressively and quicker.

It will be my next car in a coupleyears. I absolutely love it as a DD. I will hopefully add a z4m to the stable at some point so I can get my 6mt fix, but the c63 is a badass machine and fun to drive even going to the supermarket.