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Originally Posted by StuttgartM3 View Post
What you say is true, however, the "victim" in this case was also driving dangerously by operating his vehicle at 300 km/h on a public highway. What I believe is more of a problem is these drivers who feel the need to drive much faster than everyone else and tailgate those who are actively passing in the left lane.

Just yesterday on my way home on the A5 I was passing a group of vehicles in the left lane. They were traveling around 120-130 km/h and I was cruising at 150 km/h which is plenty fast by any means. As I am in the middle of passing this group a green VW kombi came flying around a curve we had just passed and came flying up behind me. He proceeded to run all the way up to my bumper before braking hard and then tailgating me at no more than 5 meters (at 150 km/h) until I completed my pass. Then he floored his little motor again and gave me a mean look as he went his way.

My point is that the autobahn is just another highway, nothing else. Everyone has to share it and drive in a safe manner. Yes there are those that "aggressively" enter the motor way as well as those who believe the left lane is their personal space to drive as fast as they please. I see no problem with owning a fast car and going faster on those unrestricted zones when there is no traffic. But on any normal day in Germany there is traffic everywhere and no one has any business going 300 km/h in ANY car.

When you drive fast you no only put yourself at danger (your choice) but you endanger every other driver on the road. And as Alter Peter said in his thread it takes next to nothing to loose control at that speed. Its not hard to imagine the scene when 60 year old in his new M5 goes from full gas to full depression of the brake pedal with a death grip on the steering wheel at 300 km/h.
I realize he was travelling faster than he should have been. However, the fact is in areas where there is no speed limit you are allowed to travel as fast as you want. Is it smart...not really, and the driver of the M5 should be held partly responsible for the accident, which he likely will since he was travelling at over 130kph.

The fact remains that this accident was due to carelessness on two parties. there have been a number of times while I have been driving on the autobahn that someone has pulled out in front of me causing me to jam on my brakes...and my cruise contol was set at 120kph. Sometimes it is just people not paying attention, but most times it seems people just don't care. Also, some folks like to be traffic regulators...they pull out in front of you then match the speed of the car next to them...completely illegal here.
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