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Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
no i agree as well. dont understand the draw to make the m3 look like another, maybe lesser car. i could see the regular e90 trying to look like a m3 but in my opinion that is kinda douchey also. kinda like a ferrari body kit on a fierro.
I guess I am douchy x 2 since this isn't M3. This is originally E90 335i converted to M3 body then now will be rocking 1M/M3 front bumper. Frankenstein.

Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
Yeah, don't like it. It works on the 1M because it is a distraction to how ugly the rest of the car is. The M3 doesn't need it and don't look good with it IMO.
I honestly don't think 1M is ugly at all. M3 & 1M are both very good looking performance vehicle. For a guy who couldn't afford M3, this was my ultimate solution and yes M3 is a beautiful beautiful car and I'm still dreaming of owning one someday

Originally Posted by PAKMAN View Post
if you can see the driver side, the bumper isn't completely on, throwing the angle off. saw this in person and it looks flawless.

i cant wait to see the completed project!
looks amazing creaminz!
Thanks PAKMAN. Were you in So. Cal this weekend? I thought I saw someone that looked just like you. Anyways, That 's correct. Bumper was just put on to test fit front lip, it wasn't bolted up at all. Everyone who has seen it verified that LTBMW did an amazing job. Very OEM like finish.