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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
You are a young guy, think about you goals, happiness and don't be afraid to get creative.

For example, if your happiness comes at the track, you should reverse your garage fund priority order. For example, buy a crummy beater for driving to work, around town and leave the rest of your funds to put into a track prepped 911/GT-R/M3 etc.

I fear for the day you have the realization that tracking a 370z will never compare to the enjoyment of an M3 and how you wasted money and effort to make the 370z fill a void it never could.

Have you thought about an older cayman S? or 911?
Yes, turning 24 in less than 2 weeks...approaching a 1/4 century... I may feel like I'm "getting old," but I know I'm still quite young.

I have looked into a Cayman S and a 911, specifically a used 996 GT3.

The only real reason I started to considered the Z was my friend let me take his around the track. Now, it wasn't a M3 (it was a bone stock 370Z, sport with syncrorev), but it was quite fun.
I took a Miata out as well, and man that thing is like a go-kart! same with the S2k.
Since I go so often...I've gotten to make friends who drive cars that aren't just M3s/BMWs, and I gotta say... there's quite a lot of choices out there! My "issue" is I don't "buy" cars... the longest I've owned any car is 2 my fear is that if I were to buy a GT3/Cayman/something up there in value, it will depreciate so much I have to keep it for quite some time. I tend to sacrifice elsewhere in life to feed my (rather expensive) hobby, and it's hard to know when to "slow down" (let alone stop).

But you are correct... it may very be the case that if I get a Z, I will end up "needing" to spend so much money on it that it defeats the purpose of "saving money"
Mods aren't cheap (maybe cheaper than it would be on a M3, but still not cheap). It's a curse

A member on here advised me to look into an already track-spec Cayman R. He bought one for his wife and mentions that it's as fast as his GT3RS around smaller tracks.
It got me into looking.... 40kish isn't bad for an already track ready car.... and a Porsche at that (considering that, no matter how much I have loved my BMWs [z4 335i M3], I have always missed my old Porsches...)

Sorry to blabber on

Originally Posted by lilaznscboii View Post
yea, i got one similiar to this one:

its sounds great and i love it. but the valve on/off doesn't have as big of an effect as i expected and there still is some drone at 2k and 3k rpm which can be annoying at times... otherwise, i love the exhaust.
ive never had akra before, so i'd be interested in picking up a used and trying it out to compare with the gintani sport, if u are selling...
I would to hear it

For me, Gintani exhausts have always sounded great, but too loud for me. I cannot deal with drone. I even feel the Akra has drone (especially when cold).
The Akra is the best exhaust I've personally heard and owned.
I went from an AA HFC xpipe with stock rear to the full Akra. Heard several others and I couldn't personally imagine paying for any other system