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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
Haha! Yeah I have decided to cut down on eating out.... I tend to spend more than the lease payment on a Z just by eating out so often....... Cutting down will mean I lose weight (faster around the track!! lol) be healthier etc all that stuff
Damn if I can lose like 50lbs, that will be like the same as someone putting on a Ti exhaust haha
You are a young guy, think about you goals, happiness and don't be afraid to get creative.

For example, if your happiness comes at the track, you should reverse your garage fund priority order. For example, buy a crummy beater for driving to work, around town and leave the rest of your funds to put into a track prepped 911/GT-R/M3 etc.

I fear for the day you have the realization that tracking a 370z will never compare to the enjoyment of an M3 and how you wasted money and effort to make the 370z fill a void it never could.

Have you thought about an older cayman S? or 911?