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3. I wasn't trashing anyone. I was responding and posting my viewpoint.

So which is it my friend? Am I allowed to post or not? You're telling me how to behave and I am the fascist? (That's what you called me - a fascist.)

If you disagree with anything in my response, that's perfectly fine. Just do so in a calm, respectful manner.

4. I really don't see how the Gadsden flag is racist. It's a popular flag among firearm enthusiasts and you can understand why from the flag's history. Nike also uses the flag for its "Don't Tread On Me" Soccer Campaign (one of many contemporary uses for the flag).

If you can find some information pertaining to why it is racist - please share.

By the way, I have several non-Caucasian friends that have the Gadsden hanging somewhere in their house or have Gadsden flag stickers/patches on their gear.

6. I went on the offensive by posting some numbers I read?

Have a nice day.

Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
1. You guys don't like my posts because I dare to disagree or aim to prove you wrong. Boohoo.
2. If you claim it's because my posts are offensive, I can easily produce a dozen likewise from OldArmy, so grow-up.
3. I have no problem with a moderator posting his viewpoint, but the "question baiting" (asking a question with the sole intent of trashing whoever answers) is not acceptable behavior for a mod.
4. You've all heard the accusation that the arcane "don't tread on me" is racist. Disagree all you want, but don't fake ignorance pretending I'm the only accuser.
5. You're all creating a smokescreen to avoid the facts about the debt proving the moderator is completely off-base.
6. I'm not the one who went on the offensive with bullshit numbers about Obama and the debt, when the culprits are Reagan/Bush. So yes, the constant, relentless Obama bashing upsets me. That's why I post replies.
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