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Originally Posted by TVMA Doc View Post
I don't believe in karma. If it really happened we'd see dozens of people dying each day when hit by the frozen toilet waste that airplanes dump before landing. You can hopefully at least get a bit of solace form the fact that you aren't the only one to cross the path of one of these morons.

Well I believe in karma, the golden rule, the system balancing itself et al. I've seen it happen too often to dismiss it out of hand. Don't worry they ALWAYS get what's coming, they just don't always realize what it's for. Ever wonder why a perfectly nice lady or fellow keels over when they are in perfect health? Say like marathon runners that die of heart failure at age 25. It happens and you know why it happens? Because that marathon runner was keying Ms in his off time that's why.

To the OP I am sorry to see that damage. Haters and cops are the reason I refuse to own a red car; I had a red 2001 Jetta WE, not a Porsche, not a Mustang, but a 4-Door sedan and it was keyed constantly. No matter where or how far away I parked people would go out of their way to key my car or smash shopping carts into it. Driving down the highway being passed by other cars and yet the cop pulls me over because his profile says the dude in the red car HAD to be the one speeding.

It's sad that we live in a world where people hate the players instead of the game. If you want a Bimmer get off your backside and get a job. I've been laid-off eight times (never been fired) so I don't want to hear about how the economy is tough. You know if you get a job at McDonald's and just show up on time you'll be an assistant manager in 6 months and a store manager in year or so. Store Managers can afford a BMW, sure you'll smell like fires the rest of your life, but the point is that you don't need to go around ruining other people's cars you can grow up and buy a BMW to call your own.