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Scoops and a Pooch

My April update - got some used gen 1 RPI scoops and more eventful - got a puppy...never had a dog growing up, my wife pushed the issue, I was still kind of 50/50 when I first held the lil guy...but two weeks in...I've officially become one of those 'dog people'...thinking I should have got one earlier! Lil fella is a Maltese, named him London (since I met my wife when I was living there)

Ok - back to the scoops - since my car is jet black, just wanted some contrast so for my $50 (picked up used), why not. I'm expecting minimal if any performance gain though previous owner did say it seemed to give a bit more pickup at 60mph...but who knows...with my butt dyno skills you could probably add or remove 30hp and I wouldn't if people can notice 5hp on a 400+hp...they must be talented.

Install took me longer than I expected since I generally suck at DIY...just have to screw in the two self drilling screws, these are gen 1 scoops, so you kind of have to position them yourself. One of the screwing points is a bit awkward to get to (where you need a stubby screw driver) which took me a while to figure out what to do.
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