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Originally Posted by wrickem View Post
My E46 M3 had a $1000 gas guzzler surcharge becaus it's posted gas mileage was about what this new M is projecting. In reality, I never got less than an average of 23-25 mpg. I am sure this one will get much better than it's projected MPG

You really don't buy an "M" Car for it's fuel efficency though, do you?!
I know you don't but it's something to think about... Some people never think about it and then complain in the future... While gas mileage would weigh less when buying an M3, I'd still consider it. In a city (Miami) where there is little to no decent mass transit, gas bills can get nasty. I'm talking $500-$1000/mo nasty.

I noticed the $1000 gas guzzler surcharge, I was plenty surprised when I saw that on the window sticker of an '06 M3 they had in the dealer...

I'm not expecting the car to be a Civic on gas... All I'm saying is check into it before you get slapped in the face.
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