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Originally Posted by niqui View Post
Hey guys,
EDIT : may be makes more sense to sell the m3 if buying any of these, no point keeping it, which may make it smarter to buy smtg like a 911 gts or smtg, confused. just doesnt make sense to leave it in the garage, its not an exotic or anything.

I am seriously toying with the idea of getting a new car, but keeping the M3 - I still love it. Originally, I just intended to sell it and get a gt3 when i was ready and still track oriented - that seems to be fading away, lack of time and opportunity, driving a gt3rs to work and downtown to track 4 days a year is pointless to me, and even somedays my m3 gives me back pain, getting in and out and just sitting for hours - bad lower back...and i am a luxury and tech snob, so i miss the toys of other luxo big cars.

Anyways, I was thinking that the performance and driver feel of the new bigger cars is getting so close to the smaller performance oriented cars with less sacrifice that maybe it would be a welcome change - thoughts?

We have a 2010 cls63 PP, and i really do love it aesthetically and in and out, and completely different driver feel. I prefer my M to the 2010 - i heard the new one is improved, i also barely drive the cls at home. anybody have experience with the new CLS? and how it drives v the m3?

We have a 2011 Panamera - so thats why i am not considering a turbo Pan, also dont think thats for me, though i think it drives and handles better than our cls.

If you were keeping your M3 (manual gearbox here), which car of the above would you want to add and why? I would take the M to the track and not the new car (unless gtr)...i would drive both on the daily and probs store the M in the winter...

oddly, what gave this thought process a kick in the pants was somebody backing into my M pretty hard late last night and leaving with no note, banging up the hood and bumper pretty damn good....

thanks a lot, its not a V. thread, more a thoughts thread and if you feel that somebody who loves the small and nibble driver feel of the m3 will be dissatisfied with a new M5/cls on the daily...just seems like a more appropriate car...also, I am young , so looking for a more age appropriate and fun car...

thanks a lot
Sounds like the car you want is.......the M3.

A nice balance between luxury, comfort, and yet with full track capabilities when needed. You also already have a bigger luxury performance car in the Panamera so you dont need another one of those.
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