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Originally Posted by Hedoniste View Post
My nice BMW dealership just put M Performance Pads on my 2011 M3 E92 ZCP. They told me that they have to change the stock discs with Performance discs. It was a surprise for me because it wasn't mentioned on the BMW Switzerland webpage. It's really pricy in the end but the difference of costing will be take under the 3 years swiss warranty. Comparing the stock discs & pads, M Performance parts are around 2 KUSD expensive.

I don't have a lot of time to try my new M Performance bake compounds but all I can say is that it's very noisy and the pedal responsiveness is just awesome! I have to drive approximately 500kms (*break in period*). I think it's a great plus if you live in a mountains area like me (or if you track your car sometimes). If you live in the city those M Performance brake compounds are totally useless and probably annoying due to pads squeal. Neighborhood will kill you if you go home during night

I will give you more feedback soon.
They are fantastic for spirited use and track days. I have still yet to find out what the actual difference is between the "standard" brake discs and the ones that are meant to be fitted with the M Performance Sport Pads. I've been using my M Performance Sport Pads with the standard discs without any issues apart from the tremendous amount of squeal. Here's another track day I did with them: