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Dinan stg 1 Review 09 EDC

Hey guys,

Thought I'd give some more information, or as much as I can...since prior to buying this, I searched, and searched for some information that I couldn't find. I hope to help out fellow buyers...

Dinan stg 1 front and rear springs(blue)
Front guide support, with alignment pin removed and retain compression travel
e36 bump stops up front, to aid in compression travel
stock bump stops in the rear
Dinan rear shock mount kit to give +7mm travel

-1.7~ Camber in the Left, 0.07 toe in
-1.8~ Camber in the right 0.07 toe in
Keep in mind, I do not have camber plates. And camber on our BMWs CANNOT be adjusted, unless there are camber plates. The reason why the camber is different is because once there is weight in the driver side(left in NA.) The right side will compensate.
*only toe is adjustable to compensate for camber wear*
-2.5 camber both rear, 0.25 toe in

Spring rates:
Unfortunately, Dinan doesn't release this information. However, these springs are definitely stiffer than stock. But they are by no mean uncomfortable. If you're seriously into comfort, these are actually more comfortable and compliant than stocks springs.

Ride impressions:
Superb. However, let me start off with telling you that if you're looking to do springs for got to be careful. The M3 stock suspension is VERY capable of doing some ridiculous turn-ins, providing excellent driver feedback. The reason why I went with Dinan is because of the looks, and because I will be running 18" Apex Arc-8 on a square setup. And I know Dinan does provide an even drop all around, not a "raked" look. To somewhat keep the balance of the vehicle.

On all the ride settings, (comfort, sport, sport+) all 3 modes are excellent paired with the Dinan. It's really down to how you want your car to respond to bumps. I haven't really noticed a big difference in handling...other than how uncomfortable the car can get

I highly recommend this mod to someone who tracks their car, and cares about weight distribution and not fully for looks!