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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Funny, I just ordered this off of him because of the thread on lighted ZHPs I was reading the day before yesterday. Everyone said it was decent and that some had the M light up and some didnt. Ill be home next week and will be able to find out for myself as he is shipping it direct to my German address. Ill post pix of what I got and how it goes. Still looking for a boot replacement as I really dont want to hack up the one on the car now... Ideas?
I didn't worry about hacking up the boot. From the pics of others who did the mod (and now from my own experience) it looks great and there's no evidence that the boot was "cut" based on how it goes back together.

That being said I'm never going to part-out the knob if/when I sell the car so I really can't see a reason I'd ever want to go back to OEM. If for some reason that rare day comes and I do, then I could buy the OEM knob and boot at that time.
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