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Got ya. Thanks again for the feedback. I'll probably just leave the Cool Carbons on my stock rears then. They should do. Not feeling anything whatsoever through the pedal, just the wheel jumping out of my hands..
When I was shaking down the car last year (I ran stock) the deposits started building on the rotors. Then I switched out the pads for pfc01's. Within one tank refill, the race pads wore off all the deposits. it's went from violent shaking when braking hard to silky smooth.

When I was running one lap last year after one event the shaking came back. After a brief inspection we found the taped on weights had fallen off due to heat - be sure to have them taped down with foil.
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Don't think I'll have the option to go ST-60 due to my 18's. Different pads for ST-40's, right?
I'm not sure - you'll have to check with ST. I'd imagine so. The XR1 pads are from stock fronts