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I can only fit three across with wider tires. One goes in the trunk. Then I use a ratcheting tie down through the three wheels and attach to the loops in the back. That way I can drive like I normally do without a "tire rush" when braking hard

Also I use tire totes to protect the car
Bungee'd to the tie-downs in the trunk. This is two 295/30-18's and one 315/30-18 Hoosier A6, the other 315 is in the trunk with my helmet bag in it. I can get a tire sprayer, good-sized cooler, all the crap you see there which includes jack, misc. tools, impact gun, torque wrench, jackstands, pyrometers, tire gauge, in the car with lots of room to spare, and that's not even getting creative yet. Pretty awesome how much it can hold considering how big the tires are.

I recommend putting a towel over the rear seatbelt latches as they will make a depression in the seatback leather unless you do something to distribute load more over the hard edges of the latches

The Tire Rack tire totes are really good stuff, worth the $20 for a pair IMO, especially when you're horseing tires around near upholstery and trim that can get scuffed.
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