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Originally Posted by CarbonAlpine View Post
This is why I spend a little more and buy wheels that are meant to be driven on these cars. All of these fly by night companies are not grabbing my attention and i fear those who buy into their marketing approach.

I can't remember how many of these companies go out of business after their poor material and customer service becomes public on these forums.

My personal taste (not based on looks)


Those are the norm anyways when talking about high end wheels. I've had experiences first hand with adv, Vossen, Iforged, Forgiato, and my friend had Sevas which lets not even go there.

It's not like a set of forged Adv wheels are much less expensive than a higher end wheel. I think they're overpriced, especially on their cast lineup.

To each his own
I hate to tell you but of the 3 companies you mentioned one of them has "went out of business" twice in the past 5 years. And another one has had failures posted on this and other threads. It was even mentioned about OEM wheels failing.

It's like the blind leading the blind around here. Someone give me one brand where I cannot find an issue on a forum somewhere. One that actually sells wheels not a few sets a year bs.