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Time for a BBK -- questions/opinions wanted.

Believe that I've chewed through my last set of BMW rotors. I'm envious of track regulars that make the stock setup work, but that's just not been my experience. Not with my E39 (perhaps not surprisingly), and now same story with the E90. I've tried OE rotors, aftermarket rotors, race fluid, stainless lines, various types of street/track and track focused pads. I've always been mindful of bedding procedures, don't ride the brakes on track, etc. All of the setups have given me adequate performance for a limited time, but no rotor life. And perhaps most frustratingly, violent feedback through the steering wheel throughout the sessions as the temps increased. So, I'm hoping a BBK will be the answer.

I know most ideally I'd do both front and rear, but budget is a concern and I was thinking that I'd do only front. Consensus seems to be that for a novice-intermediate driver, fronts only should do. Agree/disagree?

I have the OE 18 in. wheels. Believe that this is a limiting factor as far as options, but not entirely sure. I know that the Stoptech ST-40 kit will fit, but will the ST-60? Other kits like Alcon, AP racing? (I'm undecided at this point.)

For those that track with a BBK, what kind of rotor life are you getting? What should be the expectation?

I mentioned above the steering wheel feedback under braking as the track day progresses -- does or doesn't happen with a BBK?

I'm willing to change out pads for track days, but would put up with some noise on the street to run one pad. (As a reference point, I ran Hawk HP+ pads on the street for a time and my family nearly abandoned me.) At the same time, I'm willing to put up with some fade on track for everyday drivability. Recommendations?

Lastly, I know that there are many kits available and all have merit. If you have any particular reasons why you're happy with your choice, please feel free to share.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for all of the questions. I want to do this right once and for all and be rid of this recurring problem... Thoughts and feedback from members and vendors much appreciated.

EDIT/UPDATE: Time to update this 'here's my problem' thread with the resolution..

Stoptech ST-40 fronts with Pagid RS-29 pads. First track day is next Monday, but if my two relatively lengthy and aggressive bedding sessions are any indication, performance with this setup is absurd, ridiculous.. f-ing awesome. A bottomless pit of stopping power. My tires are now the weak link.

Quiet as a mouse so far. No squealing whatsoever, and sufficient when cold. I plan to leave the Pagids in full time unless characteristics change.

Thanks to Omar @ Velos Designwerks for the Stoptech kit and Richard @ M-World for the pads.

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