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Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
First time getting a loaner after dropping off for '11 328xi...I was starting to get desensitised to the power of the M but damn for 230hp, 328 feels really slow...dunno, I guess I've never seen the appeal of base model bmws since the leatherette isn't that nice either. And I can finally hear what the difference is with the premium audio i have in the M...much fuller sound.

Ok...few hours and the fat steering wheel shall be back in my paws.

Newer navi is nicer though cuz I got '08.
Performance wise yea I think the base models are a a bit sluggish not just compared to the M3 obvious but to others in their class. That being said it is still a BMW and has a great handling and feel. I'd take it any day over an Audi or Acura.

I actually like the leatherette. Something about it feels more "sporty" to me than buttery leather. I agree the new iDrive is better but people that use it as a reason to justify upgrading to a new model (or spend the money on a retrofit) are nuts IMO. I didn't buy the car for iDrive. I don't even use it much.
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