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Originally Posted by ajag View Post
I'm the poster from MBworld who was quoted earlier in the thread with the concave ADV08s that came in 25% above the estimated weight. Just wanted to post a nice update of how customer service should be handled, and ADV did it right.

Had a nice chat with Jordan, the president of ADV, yesterday. I have to say, after the initial poor response from their customer service, they have stepped up in a major way, and have gone beyond what I even expected. Below is part of the email Jordan sent me after our chat:

"Great speaking to you earlier, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. As discussed I appreciate your business very much and we apologize for the issue, regardless of the cause we're always more than happy to do whatever is necessary to satisfy you as our customer. To reiterate on the resolution that you and I discussed we are going to be making you a new set of wheels, same sizes, finish, style, offsets however engineered this time around with the intent to meet or exceed your expectations in terms of weight.

You were quoted an estimated weight of 24 –26 lbs from what I understand and we'll engineer them with this intent, should we not be able to meet this weight we will discuss alternatives that may be better for you if needed. This is something we do every day so it's really not an issue, and would not have been had they originally been ordered this way. No problem though, I appreciate the opportunity to make it right for you and I'll do exactly that.

As agreed, you can continue to use the existing wheels in the meantime and once the new ones are complete we'll ship them over to you with return labels included. Once you've installed the new ones, just let us know and we'll schedule the pick up for the old ones.

I'll process the new order on the next batch that I input which will likely be tomorrow and you'll receive a new invoice at $0.00 which will be order # 2692W (warranty). Once it's in the system it will go through production as all of our orders do and you and I will personally handle the order and keep you updated as we go as well as on the weight analysis and 2d / 3d drafts for your review. "


i could really care less how good the customer service is. doesn't mean shit when you're shipping product is founded upon negligence.

1. i'd venture a guess that outers are simply received from triangle with zero destructive testing to even validate temper. aluminum is a very complex medium to work with; it's not just a matter of buying a solid 'forged' billet from some vendor and throwing on a fancy 5 axis.

$5 says the top 'engineer' at ADV may fail miserably if asked how one should properly inspect incoming material, let alone understand how to determine a statistically significant number of outers to evaluate to ensure quality standards are maintained. forget talking about selecting the right aluminum alloys or why a wheel would crack.

2. the fact that there are even any discussions about cracked ADV wheels is enough to keep me away. the onus is on ADV to prove themselves, not by the number of wheels sold or the number of idiot exotic car owners that they can offload their crap onto and snap some photos, but by proving how they'll NEVER allow this to happen.

to say that they buy their barrels and billets from the same vendor the 'everyone' buys them from and that 'everyone' will have this problem is f***ing bullshit. story then changes to being it's small 'batch' with an 'issue.' if you allow them to get away with that level of stupidity and lack of sound engineering, you're a f***ing idiot, and i question how you are able to make a living such that you can afford to spend money on this type of stuff.. a world-wide network of idiots support idiots i suppose

ADV, it's up to you to recover your image. i will sooner live with OEM 18s than get near your shit.
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