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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
I would urge anyone who is having their tune updated to do a before and after dyno session for the benefit of the community.
I agree. Well you should do a "double-flash" (flash to tuned, then to current version, then to 231E) to reset the adaptations both times if you do - to get an apples to apples. Since there is no way to reset these yet that I'm aware of. The new software is going to be "trying harder" on 231E initially just from flashing to it.

I assume there is some benefit or Sal would not be doing them. ; ) Correct me if I'm wrong Sal. If there isn't a benefit, then feel free to not do mine. : )

The problem with me and the dyno, is that the closest competent place is in Philly (VAC - 300miles). Unless someone knows of a competent place closer to Pittsburgh.