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Originally Posted by Justin(OKC) View Post
No, I do not have quick-disconnect fittings. I know that would make it much easier but it was a pretty good chunk of change to add those....I was surprised.

I'd rather not drill holes in the sheet metal. My first idea was to run them up under the fender liner and in through the vents on either side towards the back of the trunk (just over the battery on the passenger side). Tonight I got to looking at it again as I'm still waiting on my shocks to come back and I realized that I could take out the plastic tray in the area that would have been the spare tire well. I got it removed and it looks like I could run the canisters into that area either by 1) using a hole saw big enough for the whole canister to fit through or 2) cut a small section out of the edge of the panel that is just wide enough to drop the hose through that slot and then mount them in that recessed area. I am leaning towards #2, but thought I'd post and see what others have done.
Yep, if you don't want to drill holes then the only other easy method is to route the canisters thru the trunk side vents - that's how I mounted the Moton canisters in my e46 M3. I believe Richard mounted his old Moton CS canisters this way in his e92 M3.