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Originally Posted by ajag View Post
I'm the poster from MBworld who was quoted earlier in the thread with the concave ADV08s that came in 25% above the estimated weight. Just wanted to post a nice update of how customer service should be handled, and ADV did it right.
Although you may have been satisfied with their second attempt at good customer service the fact that the wheels came in 25% above a spec/target/estimate (whatever it was) further demonstrates a serious lack of real engineering. Heck even design work with no formal "engineering" whatsoever using 3D CAD will get the weight of the wheel nearly dead on. This shows that even this minimal level of design work was not done.

In contrast when there was the group buy for the RAC RG63 wheels here on the forum RAC got the final weights of the wheels estimated within 1/2 pound or so. IIRC even the 1/2 pound was known but added in through a minor design change to make the wheel meet a slightly more aggressive vehicle weight specification.

The utter lack of real engineering by these guys is only reinforced by this anecdote. Buyers beware IMHO.

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