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Originally Posted by tico1028 View Post
I meant that your comparison of NASCAR and Drag cars to regular automobiles is like apples and oranges.

I agree with you that "race cars" are not entirely safe, as is evidenced by the complete obliteration of everything but the driver's area in a small collision.

I agree that a lot of people may cite BMW's "awesomeness" purely from a fanboy view, but I do think that this crash does speak well to the design of the M5 from an objective point of view.
I've seen at least two crashes on bimmerpost where an M3,a 335i split in half. What does it say of the design of those cars?
We dont know how much the driver slowed down,it's not like he hit the car that pulled in front of him. People survive in most rollover accidents.
We dont even know the severity of the injuries to the victims....

this crash speaks well to the design of the Pontiac Firebird,unlike the new 5,the teen actually hit head on before getting 100mph. The Firechicken must be safer than the e92 M3,335i...