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Originally Posted by US///M3
Originally Posted by tico1028 View Post
Regardless of what you want to say about supposed "fanboyism", the fact that the car looked like it only rolled over in a typical 60mph crash speaks very highly of the vehicle.

Your comparison of drag cars and NASCAR vehicles is not proper. It's like apples and oranges. Street legal vehicles have very strict safety requirements that can usually take a pass on a race car.
Really? In a funny car,you're sitting pretty much in the engine bay in a tubular frame,no Airbags, strengthen chassis etc. and you think they're built following very strick safety requirements.

My point is there a lot of variables than just the speed they're travelling at...this doesnt prove how safe the new M5 is. People survive in most rollover accidents.

This crash happens at 315mph, i guess it proves how safe those funny cars are.

I meant that your comparison of NASCAR and Drag cars to regular automobiles is like apples and oranges.

I agree with you that "race cars" are not entirely safe, as is evidenced by the complete obliteration of everything but the driver's area in a small collision.

I agree that a lot of people may cite BMW's "awesomeness" purely from a fanboy view, but I do think that this crash does speak well to the design of the M5 from an objective point of view.