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Originally Posted by US///M3
Originally Posted by KJ View Post
Yeah, I'm really amazed. It shows how safe the M5 is because a 300 km/h crash is NO JOKE!!!
This shows how safe the M5 is,are you serious? Thr passengers sustained serious injurious

This is your typical fanboyism,like if a guy survives an accident in an M3. Quickly the consensus is how safe these cars are.
When they split in half, and there are fatalities. Usually nobody mentions how well built those cars are.

A good example, john force survived an accident in a top fuel dragsterthat reach speeds in excess of 300 mph ( 500km/h) and Earnhardt wasnt so lucky in what seemed not to be a bad crash.

Regardless of what you want to say about supposed "fanboyism", the fact that the car looked like it only rolled over in a typical 60mph crash speaks very highly of the vehicle.

Your comparison of drag cars and NASCAR vehicles is not proper. It's like apples and oranges. Street legal vehicles have very strict safety requirements that can usually take a pass on a race car.