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Ryan Amico - Class Act - Need I say more?

So my depression has finally partially subsided. Due to familial obligations and life events
outside of my control, I was unable to go through with the purchase of my first M3.

It happens, this was my dream car since I was 14 and I used to keep a cut out of an E36
in my wallet back then as well. Without going through the details of my personal life too
much, I just wanted to give another praising review for Mr. Amico and his gracious demeanor
with dealing with my cancellation order.

I didn't need my deposit returned immediately, I just wanted to let him know what was going on, because I didn't want to waste his time.

This was Ryan's response after I gave him the cancellation news:


No worries. I completely understand, life happens. I will cancel the order and see that your deposit is returned to you immediately. I greatly appreciate you letting me know so promptly. If in the future, I can be of assistance, please do let me know. Thanks in advance!

I received my check two days later which was handled by his wonderful right hand Francesca Ortiz.

This whole sequence of events took place about a month ago and since things have eased up,
I've gone forward and placed another order for a BMW through Ryan. Not an M3, maybe in a
few years time, but a 135. I've always been curious about that car and I'm probably one of the
few people that thinks it looks good.

So I wanted to say thanks to the forum members for answering my questions and PMs when I was getting ready to place my order and a Big Thanks to Ryan Amico at Steve Thomas BMW.

I was thinking of meeting my buddy at Mfest tomorrow, but I may not make it.
For those of you who go definitely stop by and say hi to Ryan Amico from Steve Thomas BMW and Moe from The Shop.
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