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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
While yes, the specific answer may have not been there, there were already threads on the subject. My philosophy is less is more. I don't wanna have to navigate a sea of threads to find info when one thread could have it all.
You're almost there but not quite. There are not already threads on the subject. The word threads is plural. As we all now know there is only one other directed thread on the subject. One thread cannot be referred to as threads because the word threads is plural and refers to more than one. We all also now know that the ONE other thread has only two responses and zero answers.

The fact is the OP was not going to find his answer in a search because its not there and you made a mistake when you said it was and told him to search. At this point its out there, everybody can see it. You may as well give it up. You had discussed the iphone/My BMW apps a number of times and its well hashed and you assumed that android discussion in this regard was equally well gone over. Except it was not.

lol You're a good poster and I'm not trying to give you grief here, we all make mistakes. Its time to move on man, yours was an easy one to make especially on a forum like this where everything has seemingly been done and seen over and over.
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