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Originally Posted by spdy330 View Post
What does the "mark" look like? I do not live in the UK I am just curious to learn more. If they are not purchasing a personal plate then what are they actually getting?

I understand the "mark" is "M3 BKD" but where does it go if it is not the plate itself?

I also saw another member selling the same thing last year here:

Can more than one person be selling the same "mark"?

If someone wanted to PM me so I can become educated I would appreciate it.


Next time I will look at the particular area the thread is being posted in. If I knew this was from the UK I probably would not have responded. Now that I have responded I am more curious what you are actually purchasing if it is not the plate itself. Here in United States, California in particular as I can not speak for other states you can have personalized license plates. If we were to transfer the plate to someone else I would imagine you would go to our department of motor vehicles (DMV) and pay for a plate transfer just as if someone traded in their car and wanted the personal plate on their next vehicle. So in the UK I am curious as to where the registration mark goes and do you see it on the vehicle in which the mark is placed since it is not the plate itself?
yes your right ...the seller is selling the "legal rights" to use that registration number on their car......the buyer will need to pay transfer fees to the UK department of transport to have the "mark" on their vehicle.

oh the actual mark is the registration numbers on the car plate( if that make sense to you )

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