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Thumbs up Review: Window Tint - Absolute Perfection - MD F1 Pinnacle

Absolute Perfection
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So I guess I should start with a little history. I’ve had 3 cars tinted at a “high-end” tint shop in Columbia, all with Huper Optik film. The first two cars were very good. These were done around 2003. Based on that experience, I took my E90 to get it tinted around 2 years ago. I spoke with the owner and explained that I wanted what was on my e46. As I think back his response was rather odd but I didn’t realize it at the time. I keep saying, “I want what I had on my old car.” He replied, “You want Huper on your car right?” This went back and forth 3 times until finally I replied yes.
Well the tint that was applied to my car was very metallic and mirrored in appearance. In all honesty I hated it. I couldn’t figure out what the issue was. How could it look so different on my M3 vs my e46? Well I decided to live with it, even though the install was also not nearly as good as before. Well I was plagued by the lack of felt on the inside window guide issue. The tint basically got ruined but I didn’t really care because I hated it and it really didn’t go with the theme for my car.

I decided to go with FormulaONE Pinnacle to replace the Huper. I figured I’d have to go to LA Tint since there were no other installers in the area. I was pleasantly surprised to find Absolute Perfection near my work listed as a dealer on Pinnacle’s website. On their site, I noticed quite a few Porsche guys I know. I stopped by AP and spoke with Tim Cooke. Tim’s customer service was excellent and he even went as far as to tint a piece of glass for me to show me the brand difference for my windshield application. I decided on 50 on the windshield with 30 on all the windows. Tim also looked at what i had and told me the reason my Huper looked different was that it was a totally different line of film much cheaper than the Huper ceramic I used to have.

The install is excellent. Tim also installed the automotive moleskin to my window guides and removed my old film. I would say the tint job is probably even better than my e46 granted that had the difficult dot matrix issue. AP also does full wraps as well as clear bra. Better pics to follow…

my E46

old tint

new Formula1 Pinnacle 30% and Llumar 50% windshield

the install

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