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Originally Posted by M3PO
Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
You are on a very old version of software, part of version v29.1.1, this has not been updated in quite some time. Without a baseline dyno before/after the update is applied - there is no way to accurately gauge if you are gaining hp as a result.

Early builds (08-09) on older software versions (060E, 080E, 100E) would likely be the ones that see measurable benefits rather than those M3s running later flashes. Still, it's a good idea to get updated to the latest version before applying aftermarket tunes.
Usually, I consider the butt dyno gains to be placebo, but I can definitely feel a difference!

If you have an old version, a dyno, and autologic nearby, this is worthwhile IMO. Hell, if 20 HP+ gains are possible (they are IME at least), it's worth the $284 the stealership is asking.
Exactly. Plus I have been advised to flash to the latest version before getting a tune.
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