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Originally Posted by NELSON.MLGB View Post
ouch, if I lend mine to u, i would drive without a hood, that is swagging, but don have the courage to try. haha anyways, u are getting a very cool hood!!
By the way, NE is kinda messed up...
Haha thank you! Yes it is, I don't plan on parking my car outside in those neighbourhoods again, garages only!

Originally Posted by Apex Carver View Post
Oh totally,

I just thought it was kinda random that I was the only car to be hit out of the 10 or so on the block...

NW too, I caught a glimpse of them while they did it as I was walking out... looked like a bunch of punk kids with nothing better to do during summer holidays.

Sucks to hear
People make no sense these days, stuff like this reminds me of the one scene in Dark Knight where Alfred is talking about that bandit that robbed all those jewels but just chucked them away cos people like that just want to see the world crumble.


On the bright side, Arkym hood ordered.

Come on guys, let's get a HUGE meet on for this year!!

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