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Starting a website?

(this website has helped my much with my BMW, now I hope can point me in the right direction of something completely different)

Long story short... I have an idea for a website that I would like to create.

I have no idea how to create a website or script writing or coding or whatever it is called that "writes" the webpage and how it actually works.

I have a full-time job already and am not looking for this to replace that...

I just think I have a decent idea, and with some funding and the right web developer could get the site to the point of marketing it for-sale.

I've read up on some things and realize "just having the idea" is about as good as ice cubes on the sun - worthless - the actual money is in a tangible product that can be seen, heard, and used.

I know what my end goals would be, but have no idea how to get there...

I know nothing about writing computer codes
I know nothing about website design and web marketing
I am not sure "exactly" how the web advertising makes money
How does one incorporate things like Facebook and Twitter if they are owned by someone else?
Obviously funding this is expensive - hiring people to create the site, marketing, advertising, etc...

Many of my questions are very ignorant, so any help, or suggestions would be awesome.

I know there are some start-up sites out there, that you can "pitch" an idea out to get others to invest into your idea, but what is the best site for this and how does one not have his idea stole before it gets made?

I have 100's of other questions but figured this was a start.

Thanks guys!
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