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Its funnier when you have done that, explained so, and not one thread was produced with that information the OP asked as I already said. The thread you started which you said has the answer that the OP seeks does not even contain the words android or droid and nowhere in it does it speak to this question.

ILSMKU at least ventured a try. I already had seen the general information that they were working on it and had the app he linked but that doesn't matter, what matters is he tried to contribute. I know how to search and I think if you read my posts you will have no doubt whatsoever that I do exactly that. A forum like this has many people with many different sources of information that a person might not think to try or even have access to, this is one of the greatest strength of a forum.

The sum total of your contribution here is zero. You have added nothing and you're knowledge however great it may be is wasted to the forum at large. Is this what you're about?
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