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No warranty is big for me. If it was CPO'd I would say go for it. I paid $45k for mine 6 months ago with 45k miles and CPO with every option available from BMW. I know I could have gotten it for much lower but was in a time crunch so went back and forth for a little bit.
With that said I am the second owner and my car came from the east coast where I was kinda so so on it but went for it after looking at complete history from the dealer and car fax. I had extended maintenance on my Z4MC with no warranty and honestly I would rather have a bumper to bumper limited warranty VS just maintenance. Things that will fail will cost you a lot with no warranty. Thats what I had to weigh in before I got rid of the Z4MC. Sometimes I wish I would have kept the Z4MC. Much better car but I won't go there on an M3 forum.

X5 was different. I went in with a lot of cash and they dropped the price $10k and I bought outright. lol Cash is king.

Do some more shopping around and see what CPO'd cars are really going for with same options.

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