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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Oh boy back at ya. I already said I searched. That includes searching The Techs THREADS in the advanced search which is why I already said I did not find such a THREAD started by him. Again, he has no thread started discussing when or if android will or wont get My BMW Remote that shows up when I search his name. Need a repeat or did you get it that time? I also read his recent posts because he made it sound as if he had been recently discussing this, not the case or at least not recent enough to be found in a reasonable time. I don't need or want My BMW remote. I have never once lost my car or been locked out of it in my fifty years on the planet and I'm not expecting to start now. I just like to learn and you have made me exactly zero smarter. But thanks just the same.

Ok, I'll do the work for you. Lets google it first. Im going to use "BMW MY REMOTE APP FOR ANDROID"

Half way down the results you see the following link...

If you want a droid app that does something, you can try this.

The bottom line is, they said they would have the app for driod and its been a year or more in waiting. From the sounds of it, they have given up! Who knows. Its a dead topic these days.

While being able to lock and unlock my doors is nice, I find more use out of this app, by being able to send directions to my NAVI thru the app. For example, passenger uses the app to find a location while Im driving. Once found, they send it to the navi. That way no one has to play with idrive and try to type stuff in. The phone is faster. Or you send directions to you car before you get in it. Its quick and easy via the iphone. Not sure if that app for droid works the same, but its all you guys got right now.

Hows that for a peace offering?
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