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The Frozen clear coat is made up of spikes in the paint, like this ^^^^^^^

When you rub these spikes they flatten, eventually they will turn into this ----

Now I don't know what the paint will look like after the spikes have been flattened, I also do not know how long it will take for this to occur. But this is why BMW recommends not using a buffer or a microfiber.

I own a frozen black M3 and the key to keeping it from getting scratched is keeping it clean. When it is not clean, anything that rubs the dirt against the paint has the possibility to scratch. The chance of a scratch occurring when clothing or a hand rubs on the paint is much less likely when there is no dirt or dust to rub on the surface.

As far as maintenance, I use the swisswax wash along with their wash cloth. You just need to be careful and rinse the wash cloth out VERY FREQUENTLY(3-4 times per body panel), so you are not carrying excess dirt across the surface as you wash. I also suggest to use 2 different wash pads or cloths, one for the lower and rear areas of the car that get the dirtiest and one for the upper parts of the car.

Assuming your very careful and diligent when washing, the car will be fine. You just have to figure out a way to stop people from rubbing and scratching the paint!