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Originally Posted by FloridaBoy View Post
Alpine, great posts. Hopefully some Muslim will read it and see the light.
I think if I was a Muslim and saw everything that Muslims are doing around the world, I would seriously begin to move away from the teachings of Islam. "You shall know them by their fruits."

I do have respect for peace loving Muslims, some are fighting against terrorists with America. However, in my opinion, the teachings of radical Islam are not compatible with America's system of government. They want to take over the world in the name of Islam. Try converting to Christianlty in a Muslim country and see how tolerant they really are.
So if Christians do not follow Christianity, it detracts something for the actual religion? Of course not. Islam is there, if people want to use it to hide behind it to carry out terrorim - Allah will know this and punish them. But the fact remains that nothing people who call themselves "muslims" do, will detract anything from Islam.