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How does washing your feet in a bathroom forgive you for sins?

It doesnít. We muslims clean ourselves so that we can pray in a clean state.

I'm glad that at that point his feet are clean, but as soon as he steps down, they're filthy.

But he doesnít need to put his feet on the floor, he can put them back into his shoes. His shoes would be quite clean since he washes five times daily, however, I do recognise that you cannot kill every single piece of bacteria. But thatís besides the point. We muslims do our best to keep clean, Allah recognises our efforts because we are doing what he told us to do.

The idea of cleanliness is very important in Islam. There is no way that you could look at the idea and criticise it. Iím sure noone would every say good hygiene is a bad thing. Remember you said:

ďIf I was telling you all of this face to face, but then I went out and got hammered and got high- would you believe a word I was saying?Ē

Well, thatís another reason why we keep ourselves clean. We show respect to our bodies and the way they should be kept clean, and we also gain respect from other people. People think better of people who clean themselves.

You also said:

"Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do." (James 2:18)

I share this belief too. Good standards of hygiene will reflect and show a lot to other people in comparison to someone who doesnít care if he is clean or not.

in the Bible does it say that the man with the clean body is going to heaven
The Quran doesnít say that merely cleaning yourself will gain you the reward of heaven either.

The Lord looks at the heart- not the clothes you wear, not the car you drive, not the house you live in, not the grades you make, not the job you have.

He looks at cleanliness too. Some people are poor and cannot afford to keep themselves clean, Allah will recognise that and not blame them. BUT there are people who simply donít care. I think itís selfish, Allah gave us 2 arms, 2 legs and 5 senses. The least we can do is keep ourselves clean and show gratitude for what he has given us.

The goat did have to die. Old Testament sacrifice is all over the Bible.


(Lev 16:10 NIV) "But the goat chosen by lot as the scapegoat shall be presented alive before the LORD to be used for making atonement by sending it into the desert as a scapegoat."

>>Now, why did it have to die?<<
One reason, and one reason only.

"For the wages of sin is death" Romans 6:23

Muslims totally disagree with this. God is All-Powerful and has no requirements to forgive people. Islam says it is up to Allah to forgive you or not. Christianity says that Godís son needs to be sacrificed for the gates of heaven to be reopened. Christianity says this despite it was man that committed sin, not Godís son or God himself. There are also contradictions. Such as the example I gave about Moses. Also, Christians say in prayer that we should forgive those who transgress against us. Notice that the prayer does not set any pre-conditions such as sacrifices that need to be made.

It doesn't say, the wages of sin is losing a goat in the woods, or cutting off your foreskin or washing your feet.

Neither does the Quran. The Quran tells us that Allah alone has the power to forgive and he didnít say these things would gain forgiveness.

Jesus was our sacrificial lamb. For everyone? No. Only for those who believe in him.

This just confuses the matter even more. Jesusí sin was to gain forgiveness for man. Whether people choose to believe in it or not is up to them. But for Jesus to say ďI done this only for people who believe in itĒ makes no sense, because doing it was to show that he was Godís son and this is the sacrifice he is making, no? So, if he take a Christian perspective, Jesus must infact have done it for everyone so that they could embrace him as the son of God.

Like I said two days ago, I WANT to live a good life (not sin)

Yes, you do. But some people are lazy and will think ďhey Jesus paid for my sins, I donít have to do anythingĒ. Infact, some Christian Scholars used to say that Jesus was a ransom to the devil. Iím sure you see the problems with this too. If Jesus is a ransom, then once his life has been taken as the price to the devil, then men are free for eternity to sin as they please. Moreover, God paying a ransom or price to ANYONE is absurd, never mind the devil. God is All-Powerful and owes nothing or pays nothing to anyone.