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I have the P2198 code pulled out on my OBDII Scanner.

I am also running an X Pipe with dual Cat Deletes and I and also getting an P0030 error for both 02 Sensor not heating up?

The car has a tune and the check engine light was disabled, similar to an Akrapovic device that you hook up on the OBDII.


1. Rough Idle during startup. ( The rev is not bouncing up and down, you can feel a slight vibration inside the car) It goes away after you reset it and warm it up for 2 min and it smooths out and the car drives like normal again.

2. The car is hesitating during normal driving conditons. ( If you reset it with an OBD2 it will go away, it will only come back when you start up the car again.)

Once I reset the codes and wait for the car to warm up properly the condtion goes away.

It will only come back when you re-start the car again.

I searched and found some more information about the code below.

The P2198 is for lack of O2 sensor switching, indicating rich.

The fuel system is trying to adjust to an overly lean condition & has maxed out on the rich side.

So look for vacuum leaks maybe look to the PCV valve & it's rubber connections.

Vapor recovery vacuum line to the intake manafold back to the vapor canister.

Low fuel pressure.

Intake manafold vacuum leak.

Any solutions on where the leak might be coming from? Maybe from the Intake?


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