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Originally Posted by kitw
Originally Posted by Bluesummer View Post
I would pick used Eisenmann Race but they are a little bit out of your price range. It was the best sounding exhaust I've ever own. I would not have switched to Akra Evo if it wasn't because I got tired of droning (I had the exhaust for almost 3 years) Next up will be Remus Race, sound level is close to Eisenmann Race but it has a higher pitch, really nice when you upshift and downshift the car. My friend is selling his Remus at a good price, check it out
No offense to you or your friend but the Remus exhausts are junk. The fitment is terrible and I hate the way they sound. The fitment is objective, but obviously the sound is subjective. I dislike the Eisenmann race too, but liked my Eisenmann Sport a lot.

Sound wise, feel free to disagree, but fitment-wise, hope you have a lift, stands and a decent measure of time to make it fit right. Remember that fitment changes when the exhaust heats up too.
Junk? Really? I would say its far from "junk" and it falls within OP price range. As far a fit and installation your obviously talking out your ass. I don't know jack about tools and have never even messed with modding a car but I installed this system aided only by a DIY guide from this forum and some basic tools in an hour. The Remus Race system sounds incredible and I'm quite happy with it.