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Bridgestone S04 Pole Position Review

Hey guys,

So I just got a new set of wheels to use for the street and a couple of track days a year (assuming I dont get terribly addicted to tracking after my first track day coming up in may).

I have advan TCIII wheels wrapped in 265/35 and 285/35 Bridgestone S04 tires. I chose these tires because I wanted to have a nice riding DD tire for the streets of Houston, but also have a tire that could somewhat perform on the track.

I decided to try these out over the Pilot SS tires which I have used before. So far, I like them better for a few reasons.

-they are a good bit cheaper than PSS
-they look better than PSS
-the sidewall feels stiffer, and isnt as prone to rolling over
-the ride is better than PSS
-steering is firmer and more precise, best steering feel of any tire ive used on this car, made a very noticeable difference

The negatives would be that they are heavy relative to PSS and maybe they dont have the ultimate grip that a PSS has, but neither of these things are apparent on the street at all to me.

Overall, a really good DD tire that is under-rated on this forum. I will update this thread with track thoughts, though since its my first day, im not sure what kind of valuable insight i will have other than how they wear.

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