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Originally Posted by devo View Post
I had a 2007 997 turbo. Great dd and reasonable maintenance costs. I sold it to get my current .2 GT3, which I prefer.

I will say that the turbo's power is so addicting. Every drive feels like warp 8. I just felt the suspension was too soft, the car sat too high and the engine/exhaust noise was rather muted. However, as a civil/classy sports car dd which can bully most anything on the straights and in the corners, there are not many choices.

Be sure to have the DME scanned for any over revs with any pre-purchase inspection.

2009 was the last of the wonderful Mezger engine.
interesting. did you have any mods done to your 997tt?

ive only driven a stock one (a good bit though) and man that thing is a monster. it just demolishes my m3. the torque is so addicting on that car, and the steering is awesome.

i want one

only bad thing is that it is pretty cramped, even for me at 5' 10