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Originally Posted by LSBLURR View Post
Saw this same hood on craigslist about a month back for $1100 and now your are selling it for almost double? what was wrong with it?
No clue what your deal is but people like you ruin these forums for everybody, you assume and make facts of things you know nothing about. You have been a member on here for less than a year and 23 of the 36 threads you have started are FS threads. Are you scamming people? Are you mad you dont have a M3? Do you wish you had Arkym parts? Do you have Napoleon complex? I really dont know and more importantly I really dont care. But what the facts are is I don't come into your FS threads and accuse you of these things and I have been a member of this forum for 5 years longer than you!! In that time period I check e90post regularly but have made minimal posts because of people like you who cause unnecessary drama and worthless contributions. People ask the same questions on here 1000s of times because even if you search you have to sift thru hundreds of useless or misinformed posters.... Getting back to the topic the hood is mint and any one who is seriously interested is going to be very happy with their purchase and are welcomed to come inspect it because if you see this hood in person you will go home with it. So don't quit your day job and become a PI just yet Big guy......