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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
Right, but remember that the system the dealership uses will throw errors if you try to update it and the modules don't match. I know that updating the light control module on my old 335i made the dealership's computer barf when they tried to update. (I had to replace it with a friend's unit that had the original software on it)

I don't know what happens when the module is older than the main DME software, but I do know that it can barf when the module is newer. Not trying to throw you guys under the bus, but the other tuners usually don't update the DME software without updating the modules, just curious if you guys are doing something special or if the customer will have issues if they try to get their software updated.
I have never had a report of an issue with an updated ECU causing issues with control module software in a vehicle from a customer and we have tuned hundreds of cars. If it is a concern you can always load your original stock software file back to the car with our E-flash before dealer visits. At this point your original software will be back to what the vehicle had in it before any tuning was done.