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Originally Posted by vachss View Post
Not trying to criticize you, in particular, panicos. I understand that it rarely makes sense for overseas sellers to market their gear to US buyers. My comment was directed more at US sellers who have developed unrealistic expectations of the value of their used camera equipment.

The "80% of retail rule" that used to only be found on boutique high end Buy and Sell web sites like eventually spread like a bad skin rash to the more general e-commerce sites like Craigslist and Ebay. Since sales and deals on refurbished equipment show up periodically the patient buyer in the US can usually do about as well on new gear (with a warranty) as they could paying an overinflated price on used gear.
True enough. Yesterday I could have scored a refurbed 5D MkII from the Canon store for under $1500 delivered. Today I saw some very used ones on POTN for close to or at $2k. Patience is a virtue when buying used.

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