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Originally Posted by Explorer3253 View Post
Well I bought mine used off of ebay, so its a older unit. I did a lot of reading on the xbox360 and it says that a lot of people have problems with overheating. If its something I shouldn't worry about..then cool...Thanks!

but noone answered my question...Do you have to keep your xbox360 on while using the HD external device? Thanks!!
Just remember how many xboxs they have sold since last year. Of course you read or hear about the ones that have problems due to the internet, otherwise, you'd head to your local gaming store, ask them about reliability, buy one and walk out the door. You read about a single xbox which had a problem, but did you read about the other hundreds that didn't? Probably not. Many, many more people complain about their breakdowns than praise...this forum is a good example...and remember, this is just another form of media...please don't believe everything you read.

The new Apple iphone is a good example. One person out of a 1000 has a problem, he'll spam it on the internet, "the phone sucks, didn't do what i wanted, never buy from them again...blah blah..." Damn, my fuel pump went bad, my oil cooler broke, everytime i drive i'm afraid my car will break down, don't buy a BMW, they suck!!!! You take a chance with EVERYTHING you buy, get my point?
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