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Thank you Martin for this

Originally Posted by Martin_D View Post
Swissvax Opaque line of products made by Swissvax or Chemical Guys makes a line for Matte finish vehicles. I use both and they both work very well.

Swisswax Opaque products for matte finish paint and vinyl wraps (Do not use on textured vinyl) have been specifically developed (oil free) to ensure that they donít change the appearance in matt paint or vinyl wraps.

1. Wash car with Swisswax (SV) Opaque Car Bath.
2. Prior to wax the vehicle must be cleared free from oils and dirt. Use SV Opaque Pre-cleaner.
3. Use a MF towel and spray doing ONE panel at a time.
4. Wipe off panel with another MF towel.
5. With SV Opaque Wax apply to one panel at a time.
6. Wait 10 minutes for wax to dry and then buff off.
7. Let wax fully "cure" and wipe off again after 2-3 hours.
8. SV Quick Finish Opaque is used as a quick detailer for marks or smudges.

Hope this helps you out! Remember, the wax adds depth no shine...

-Martin D.