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Originally Posted by ranger22 View Post
I have an E90 M3 and a new Cayman R. When I get out of my Cayman and in to the M, I feel like I'm driving a sloppy cadillac. I used to think the M was so efficient, smooth and controlled. Then I drove a Porsche. They are the next level of smooth and controlled; however, it does take a little seat time truly appreciate the differences. The M is still the ultimate all around car for DD and track work, but I'm not limited to that right now. So I am lucky enough to DD the M and use the Cayman on the track.

On a side note, don't be so quick to discount the power of the Cayman. I used to do that too. I always thought it was too weak for the price you pay, but this car has some hefty power curves and the weight is 700-900 lbs lighter than an M. Even though the peak power isn't as high as a Corvette or Mustang, the power under the curve is quite strong. This may explain why it's actually just as fast to 60 as the M is. Since I have both, I can compare the two quite well and I think the acceleration probably goes to my R just by a little bit. But then again, my M is loaded with all of the heavy options. All it took was a random Saturday test drive in a Spyder to change my mind about the power and ultimately get me to consider the Cayman for a track car.
could not agree more. I was skeptical about the cayman R until i drove it around a track. You can actually squeeze every bit of power out of the Cayman R. Also the Mid engine setup is just perfect as the car doesn't get as unsettled diving under hard braking.

Only car i would put above a Cayman R based on my driving exp is the 458 italia. btw if anyone is ever in vegas you HAVE to checkout I put 8 laps in a cayman R, 5 in a GTR and 5 in a 458 italia
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